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Dr.Syamala Kandadai,

B.A. LL.B., M.L., Ph.D,

Associate Professor-cum-Director at

(Research & Training), Faculty of Law,

National University of Study and Research in Law,

Ranchi-Jharkhand, 834006

Email: | Institutional Link

Dear Readers,

The Indian Journal for Research in Law & Legal Procedures (IJRLLP) is an open-access platform that focuses on publishing high-quality research papers and articles annually. It aims to address a wide range of emerging legal issues, both national and international, and contribute to the overall development and understanding of laws and legal scenarios globally.

One of the primary goals of the journal is to inspire young law students and legal professionals to actively participate in the advancement of law and legal policies. It encourages them to express their opinions on various legal issues, subject to a peer review process. By doing so, the journal aims to facilitate exploration of the challenges and obstacles faced during the formulation and implementation of laws worldwide. It also aims to highlight the crucial roles played by lawmakers and lawyers in providing effective legal solutions to society.

IJRLLP covers diverse areas of law, including Constitutional Laws, Intellectual Property Laws (IPR), Civil and Criminal Laws, Corporate Laws, Arbitration and Conciliation Laws, International Laws, Property Laws, Tort Law, and more. It strives to engage readers across borders, providing them with significant insights that can be utilized by law universities, institutions, judicial aspirants, legal libraries, and law firms.

The journal was established with the purpose of providing a platform for individuals involved in the field of law to express their perspectives. Although it was initially intended for those within the legal profession, it is now open to anyone interested in submitting and accessing its work. In today's globalized world, it is crucial for individuals from various educational backgrounds to understand the importance of law and present it in a language that resonates with the general public. A basic understanding of law can generate widespread interest and knowledge. The uniqueness of IJRLLP lies in its inclusive nature, allowing individuals to express their general perspectives and interpretations of law, regardless of their specific subject expertise.

IJRLLP aims to encourage law students, educators, and researchers to contribute papers on contemporary legal issues and stay updated with the latest trends in law. It welcomes articles, short notes, book reviews, and case commentaries for its upcoming issues. The journal provides a platform for the exchange of ideas, facilitating meaningful discussions on legal matters, knowledge sharing, and the advancement of legal procedures on a global scale.


The Editor-in-Chief. 

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