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Above the Clouds

Submission Guidelines

Script Formatting: The complete script (which also includes footnotes/endnotes) shall be typed in English language (Font style-Bookman Old Style; Font size- 13). The scripts shall be formatted to A4 page 'standard size' and the contents shall be orderly managed in the following structure namely:


a. Title Page

b. Abstract

c. Index (topics & subtopics)

d. Introduction

e. Conclusion

The author shall number each page at the footer starting from the title page. The index shall be properly 'page numbered' and the script shall be adjusted accordingly.

Script Title: The authors shall pick out an appropriate title for their script. The title must not be a complete sentence.


Authorship details: Authors & Co-authors shall provide their full name along with their communication details mentioned on the title page itself.

Keywords: A list of '07 to 10 keywords' shall be provided by the authors for indexing purposes. The keywords should be wisely picked up for gaining a better reach.

Abstract: Authors shall provide an abstract in not less than '250 words' explaining the context of their script. Formatted in 'Italics', the abstract shall be executed as a single paragraph.

Introduction: The abstract is followed by an introduction to the research study. It should be free from any conclusions or any research data.

​References: IJRLLP follows the 'OSCOLA' Referencing style (4th edition) of citing references. Download a reference copy here. Authors shall under all circumstances attempt referencing every cited text in the script. The following references should be refrained from being cited in the script namely; 'Wikipedia links, unpublished reports, personal opinions, and any kind of website data'.


Charts, graphs, figures, and tables: If the authors want to represent any information in graphical/tabular form, such shall be properly named and numbered such as ‘Table 1: The demographic scenario of Country X’. Any figures/ pictorial representations used in the script shall be properly cited.

The Conclusion: The script must follow a suitable conclusion. Any irrelevant result must be refrained from mentioning. After fully reviewing the script, the editors shall recommend crucial amendments to be made and shall communicate the same to the authors. If found suitable, the scripts should be declared ‘accepted’ for final publication.​

Copyright:Indian Journal of Research in Law and Legal Procedures’ (IJRLLP) shall be considered to hold all rights concerning the submitted scripts by the concerned authors. (Download copyright form).

Plagiarism: IJRLLP under any circumstances shall not tolerate plagiarised data to be forwarded for final submission in its online portal. It shall be the duty of the editors to review the script for any plagiarised content and if found, the same shall be communicated to the author for their final review.

​Open Access: IJRLLP is an open-accessed resource arena where everyone from around the world shall be free to read and download the articles.

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