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Above the Clouds

Editor Guidelines

The editors shall execute their evaluation skills to review the quality of scripts and shall strive to detect whether the incoming scripts meet the aims and scope of the IJRLLP journal. The editors shall also ensure to evaluate the standard of scripts without any regard to race, caste, sex, religion, and origin of the authors.

IJRLLP focuses on peer review of the scripts and hence assists the authors in further improvising their work. The editors shall also prepare an ‘ERR’ (End Review Report) to be submitted to the author within 3 weeks of the script submission. Any delay in the peer review process shall not be tolerated by any means.

The criterion based on which the scripts shall be judged are as follows:

The central theme of the script: The editors shall check if the script follows its central theme throughout its stretch. Any major or minor distractions should be notified to the author.

Script format: The authors are strongly suggested to review the IJRLLP standard format before commencing their project. The editors shall review the scripts based on the 'standard format' as prescribed by IJRLLP (here)and any divergence should be communicated to the author for review.

Script presentation: IJRLLP actively looks for scripts to be represented in a planned manner instead of being presented as mere story. Use of proper headings and sub-headings, examples, charts and diagrams wherever necessary should be appropriated. The word limits must not be embezzled to merely make the script look heavy but it should make sense in each of its paragraphs.

Citations: IJRLLP follows the 'OSCOLA' Referencing style (4th edition) of citing references. The editors shall check for the suitability of scripts in conformity with the said rule of citations. 

Plagiarism: IJRLLP under any circumstances shall not tolerate plagiarised data to be forwarded for final submission in its online portal. It shall be the duty of the editors to review the script for any plagiarised content and if found, the same shall be communicated to the author for their final review.

The Conclusion: The script must follow a suitable conclusion. Any irrelevant result must be refrained from mentioning. After fully reviewing the script, the editors shall recommend crucial amendments to be made and shall communicate the same to the authors. If found suitable, the scripts should be declared ‘accepted’ for final publication.

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