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Above the Clouds

Authors Desk

Preliminary requirements: Scripts submitted to our journal must not represent any similarity to any pre-published original work elsewhere; in any language. Any scripts which have been forwarded for publication elsewhere must be refrained from being submitted. All authors must declare their written consent (via copyright declaration) to get their scripts published with our journal.

Word Limit: IJRLLP welcomes original and unpublished articles, short notes, book reviews, and case commentaries for its forthcoming issue under the following categories-

  • Short Notes: (1500-2000 words, including footnotes)

  • Long Articles: (4000-9000 words, including footnotes)

  • Book Reviews: (2000-3000 words, including footnotes)

  • Case Commentaries: (2000-2500 words, including footnotes)

Authorization: Any figures, charts, tables, or diagrams represented by the authors in their scripts submitted with us for publication must gain the prior authorization to be used as such from the concerned copyright owner respectively. Proper credits must be duly given in the concerned scripts for the usage of such materials.

Authorship: Any individual, who provided substantial inputs in the completion of the scripts, shall be appended as a 'Co-author'. Declaration regarding authorship must be provided on the ‘Title’ page of the script in the format as released by the IJRLLP. 

Copyright: The ‘International Journal for Research in Law and Legal Procedures’ (IJRLLP) shall be considered to hold all rights concerning the submitted scripts by the concerned authors. (Download copyright form).

Subscription: IJRLLP doesn’t charge any amount on the face of 'subscription charges'. To subscribe, kindly fill the subscription form here.

Language amendment: Authors are recommended for the standard usage of the English language as it is the only medium in which IJRLLP destines itself to transmit originally. Any scripts that do not conform to proper English usage shall be returned for an amendment to the respective authors and may be rejected if not found conforming to the standard language norms of the journal.   

Citation formatting: IJRLLP follows the 'OSCOLA' Referencing style (4th edition) of citing references. Download your free copy here

Our Editorial Board: The editorial board members have been appointed after detailed suggestions and recommendations as received from the advisors of IJRLLP. The composition of the editorial board has been structured so that it receives both national as well as international expertise for the overall execution of the purpose for which IJRLLP has been brought into existence. Our editorial board consists of experts from multidimensional fields of law and legal sphere from around the globe to maintain a high reviewing standard.

Publication Charges: IJRLLP 'does not charge' any publication fee in respect of processing the publication of scripts/research papers at its online depository. Post submission, the scripts shall be peer-reviewed by our editorial board, and only in the circumstances of successful adherence to the IJRLLP standards of publication, such scripts shall be accented towards their final position in the IJRLLP portal. However, the defective scripts shall be reversed back to their respective authors with the expectation that they shall thoroughly improvise their work and re-submit for evaluation. Our journal under any circumstance shall not entertain incomplete, ill-structured, delusional, or copyrighted scripts to be circulated through its portal. 

Journal Frequency: IJRLLP shall stand as a 'Bi-annual journal' which means that it shall be available for publication two times a year.  

ISSN details: IJRLLP shall proceed to get its 'International Standard Serial Number' registered after the publication of its very first issue which shall be announced soon.

Certification: In response to the successful acceptance of publication with IJRLLP, the author(s) shall be awarded a ‘Certificate of Publication’ that shall be couriered at their respective communication addresses. IJRLLP seeks in the future to land in the arena of offline publications as well which shall be awarded to the authors free of cost.


Disclaimer: Any views or perspectives represented by the authors in their concerned scripts by any means do not represent the attitude of IJRLLP. The journal merely provides a platform for the trading of thoughts and helpful discussions on legitimate issues encompassing knowledge exchange, conditions, and advancement of legal procedures around the globe and its comprehensive study.

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