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Important International Conventions,Treaties and Conferences

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

  • Hague Conventions of 1899 and 1907: Development of International Law.

  • Geneva Conventions, 1864, 1906, 1949: International Law relating to sick and wounded soldiers and Prisoners of War (POW).

  • Berne Convention (1866): International Law for Protection of Copyright.

  • Stockholm’s Conference on Human Environment (1972): Protection of Ecology and Environment along with development (the concept of Sustainable Development). June 5 is World Environment Day as International Conference started on this day.

  • Montreal Protocol (1987): Control CFC production and consumption to save environment from pollution. Treaty on Ozone hole signed.

  • Rio Earth Summit (1982) at Rio De Generio: Agenda 21 drafted to prevent environmental degradation.

  • World Summit on Sustainable Development (2002): Concluded at Johannesburg.

  • Kyoto Conference (1997): Kyoto Protocol signed to reduce green house effect.

  • Vienna Congress (1815): First treaty on International Law.

  • Vienna Convention (1961): Law relating to diplomatic relations among States.


  • UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Rights) signed on December 10, 1949. December 10 is celebrated as International Human Rights Day.

  • CEDAW: (Convention of the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women) 1979.

  • Convention on Child Rights (1989).

  • UN Convention on the Law of Sea (1982)

  • UN Conventions on Climate Change, Bio-Diversity and Forestry (1992)


  • Manu Smriti — Manu (a code on ancient Hindu Law)

  • Artha Shastra — Kautilya (a book on the rules of statecraft (public administration)

  • Concept of Law — H.L.A. Hart

  • Law and Public Opinion in 19th Century England — A.V. Dicey

  • Learning the Law — G. Willims

  • Ancient Law — H. Maine

  • We the Nation — Nani Palkhivala

  • We the People — Nani Palkhivala

  • International Law — Oppenheim

  • The Law of nations — Brierly

  • The Province of Jurisprudence defined — Austin

  • The Nuer — E.E. Evans Pritichard (A society without law is imagined in the book)

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