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Above the Clouds


Join our Editorial Board: The editors shall execute their evaluation skills to review the quality of scripts and shall strive to detect whether the incoming scripts meet the aims and scope of the IJRLLP journal. The editors shall also ensure to evaluate the standard of scripts without any regard to race, caste, sex, religion, and origin of the authors. IJRLLP focuses on peer review of the scripts and hence assisting the authors in further improvising their work. The editors shall also prepare an ‘ERR’ (End Review Report) to be submitted to the author within 3 weeks of the script submission. Know more about the 'Editors role' in the journal at this link. Furthermore, you can review our submission guidelines here. If you wish to join our editorial board, you can write to us at with a copy of your CV. A list of our editorial board members can be reviewed at this link.

Join our Advisory Board: Our advisors are the brainbox of the journal and shall undertake the responsibility of ensuring the smooth running of the same. Common responsibilities include but are not limited to designing policies for the betterment of the journal, scrutinizing the upcoming editorial board applications, observing the conduct of the editorial board and journal coordinators, designing and planning the website content, delegating the day to day tasks as the time demands keeping the aim for the overall welfare of the journal and help in the promotion of the IJRLLP aims and objectives in the legal domain, etc. A list of our advisory members can be reviewed at this link. If you wish to join our advisory board, you can write to us at with a copy of your CV. 

Become a journal coordinator: IJRLLP coordinators shall ensure the proper processing of the inputs as forwarded by the journal advisors warranting the smooth running of the IJRLLP online portal and its day to day processes. Coordinators shall also engage themselves with the task of preliminary scrutinizing the incoming articles and research papers before forwarding the same to the board editors for their final review. We do seek balanced & creative coordinators who can aid us in operating our social handles especially the IJRLLP's LinkedIn and Instagram domains. If you wish to help us in coordinating our journal, you can write to us at with a copy of your CV. A list of our coordinators can be reviewed at this link.

Become our media partner: IJRLLP wishes to associate with eminent legal boards and publishing houses (in the online domain preferred) who can aid the journal establish its market presence. Our media partners shall help us ensure a convenient channel via which we can propagate our content/ advertisements expecting a wider reach among the law students & legal fraternities. If you desire to associate with us as our designated media partner, you can write to us at

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