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Adv. Bharat Singh

Founder, IJRLLP

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Bharat is a law graduate from the National University of Study & Research in Law

(Batch of 2016) and is currently a 1st generation advocate with his primary place of practice before the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India and High Court of Delhi alongside other courts in the territory of Delhi. Currently, he is working as a Panel Advocate for the Ministry of Law & Justice, Govt. of India before the Hon'ble Supreme Court and is also handling Central Govt. litigations as a Govt. Pleader before the Hon'ble Delhi High Court. 

Bharat has also kept his involvement in the 'Pro-Bono' work domain apart from his main course of legal activities which he really enjoys doing as a part of his commitment to provide his legal expertise to the ones in need.


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  • Article titled “Strengthening the Content Protection in Electronic Age: Adherence to the Indian Copyright Law” published in a book titled “Transforming Dimension of IPR: Challenges for New Age Libraries”. (ISBN: 978-93-84272—03-6) 

  • Article titled “Biotechnology and IPR” published in the Book titled “Environmental Degradation and Global Health” (ISBN: 978-93-5124-688-8 (Hardbound); ISBN 978- 93-5130-881-2 (International edition) 2016. 

  • Article Titled “Newer Trends to Advertising and Turning Pages to the IPR Regime in India” published at NALSAR Student Law Review. 

  • Article titled “Regulating the prime Confabulation system in India- Challenges in the Telecom Sector” published in Volume 27, Issue 1 at the ‘Journal of Telecommunications’, a United Kingdom’s prestigious Online Journal bearing ISSN No. 2042-8839. 

  • Article titled “Sexual Harassment Bill and the Violation of Human Rights” published in a book titled “Commitment & Betrayal: Revisiting Human Rights”. (ISBN: 978-93-80144-79-5) 

  • Article titled “Judicial Review: How it is the Most Potent Weapon in the Hands of Judiciary” published at “Law and Society: A New Challenge, an International Peer-reviewed research journal bearing ISSN number 2348-4861. 

  • Article titled “Administrative legislation: Violation of Separation of Powers” published with Bihar Bar Council Journal, July 2015 Edition. 

  • Article titled “Assessment of Religion & Censorship in Media: A Special focus on Danish Magazine” published with Jharkhand Law Journal. 

  • Article “My Body-My Rights: Understanding Homosexuality in the Indian context” published at “Manupatra- Online Law Journals”. 

  • Article titled “Effect of Climate Change on Island Countries and Artificial Islands” published at “Manupatra- Online Law Journals”. 

  • Article titled “A note on the Jurisprudence of Speedy Justice in India” published at

  • Article titled “Trademark Infringement and the Dispute Resolution System” published at 

  • Article titled “The Era of Comparative Advertising” published at www.

  • Article titled “Architectural work under the regime of Copyright work” published at”. 

  • Article titled “Intellectual property and E-commerce- Ownership and protection of business website” published at



  • Presented a paper titled “Strengthening the Content Protection in Electronic Age: Adherence to the Indian Copyright Law” at “Library and Information Professionals Summit-2015” organised by National Law University, Delhi. 

  • Presented a paper titled “Biotechnology and IPR” at “National Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights” 2015 organised by Environment and Social Welfare Society, Madhya Pradesh. 

  • Presented a paper titled “Traditional knowledge system and the available protection under the current IPR regime” at “International seminar on Interface between Intellectual Property Rights, Competition law and Traditional Knowledge” organised by University School of Law and Legal Studies, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, New Delhi. 

  • Presented a paper titled “Protection of Multimedia works under the Copyright Regime” in the seminar on Intellectual Property Rights in the 21st Century. 

  • Attended a one-day seminar organised by Human Rights Law Network, Ranchi on “Child Trafficking and the State of Jharkhand”. 

  • Presented a paper titled “Utility Patent in the State of Jharkhand” in a one-day National Seminar on “Development & Protection of IP Rights in Jharkhand”. 

  • Attended a seminar cum workshop on “Development Communication” organised by Tata Steel, in collaboration with 'Citizen Foundation'- A Ranchi based social organisation. 

  • Attended a workshop on the “Awareness Referral Coaching and Mentoring (ACRM) Programme” organized by Jharkhand State Legal Services Authority (JHALSA), Ranchi under the auspices of Mediation and Conciliation Project Committee (MCPC), Supreme Court of India. 

  • Presented a paper titled “Competition Policy and Regulation- A case study of Telecommunications in India” in the National Seminar on Role of Regulatory Agencies in Developing Business Laws in India. 

  • Attended a one-day seminar on “Right to Information” organised by the Center for Legal Aid and Programme at the National University of Study and Research in Law-Ranchi. 

  • Presented a paper titled “Parliamentary Privileges & its Judicial Review” in a two-day National Seminar on “Judicial Review of Legislative Powers and Privileges- A Constitutional Quandary”. 

  • Attended a one-day colloquium on “Tribal Development and the Law” organised by the Centre for Study and Research in Tribal Rights at the National University of Study and Research in Law-Ranchi.

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