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The ‘International Journal for Research in Law and Legal Procedures (IJRLLP) is an open accessed, qualitatively reviewed and high-grade resource arena dedicated specifically towards the publication of prominent research papers & articles biannually and thereby clustering them on a wide-ranging landscape of emerging National as well as international legal issues and thereby prospering the balance of overall laws and legal scenarios around the globe within one legal sphere.

This platform also aims towards enkindling the desire among young law students and legal fraternities to contribute towards the development of law and legal policies and profoundly welcomes their expressed opinions on emerging National as well as International legal issues subject to our peer review process, which will aid the legal luminaries, scholars and our Hon’ble readers to explore the seldom challenges and hurdles law and other legal procedures face at the time of their formation followed by their enactment across the world corridors and shall therefore manifest the pivotal roles played by our lawmakers and lawyers in delivering to the society the best measurable legal solutions till date.  

IJRLLP has been initiated with a dynamic viewpoint and contemplates discussion on widely ranged legal issues in the domain of Constitutional Laws, Intellectual Property Laws (IPR), Civil & Criminal Laws, Corporate laws and procedures, Arbitration & Conciliation laws, International laws, Property laws, Tort law and much more. IJRLLP also purports to keep its readers strictly engaged around the legal edges totally unconfined by the International borders to bring every bit of significance that can be further utilized by the Law Universities & Institutions, judicial aspirants, legal libraries, and law firms to count a few. 

IJRLLP began with an intent to give a roadmap for the outflow of perspectives to the individuals having a place within the field of law. However, it is open for all to submit and access our work. In the present globalized situation, it is essential for individuals having a place with different educational fields to comprehend the significance and paint a picture of the law in their own language as it can influence the general population everywhere when counted as one. Further, learning about the law (at any rate) can help pass enthusiasm to a degree of general bent. The uniqueness of IJRLLP is that it works with no subject, to give a sensible chance to the individuals who are intrigued by their field of expertise to express their general perspectives & interpretations about law appropriately.

IJRLLP plans to encourage law students, educators, and researchers to compose papers on different contemporary issues and capture the recent drifts in law. IJRLLP welcomes articles, short notes, book reviews, and case commentaries for its forthcoming issue. IJRLLP provides a platform for the trading of thoughts and helpful discussions on legitimate issues encompassing knowledge exchange, conditions, and advancement of legal procedures around the globe and its comprehensive study.



The Editor-in-chief

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